Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've added a link to In These Times after reading an article by author Susan J. Douglas.

Most of it isn't news to me, especially after Levy's Female Chauvinist Pigs. The statistics are very revealing - "White women still make 75 cents to a man’s dollar, and it’s 62 cents for Black women and only 53 cents for Latinas. The majority of families with children in poverty are headed by single women..." - bad news for women in the workforce, despite portrayals in entertainment media that may suggest otherwise.

The works by both Douglas and Levy are lacking, however, in a definitive call to action, or even a suggestion for individual activism on any level above "awareness."

So, ladies, what do you want to do? Burn bras? Stop shaving? Dance naked in the streets to Bikini Kill and Le Tigre?

I'll definitely join in on that last one.

Born Again

In case you can't read the type, it's an advertisement for plastic surgery.


Thanks to Pete Rollins for the image.